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We want you to discover a wedding planned by DVV events in Spain… As you know, I now plan weddings in Spain, our home country! How can I not be amazed at the idea of helping couples to get married in a country that I know so well?

So today I put myself on my keyboard to tell you about the wedding in Spain of Sandra and Robin. A wedding where all the guests from all over the world have come to meet in a superb Catalan masia to celebrate the love of these two!

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Looking for their venue in Spain

This is surely the starting point for the organization of a wedding abroad but especially the starting point for the wedding of Sandra & Robin. It was important for them to have a place they really love and especially to be able to have an important flexibility on the organization (to have no corkage fee for example) and to be able to accommodate some of their guests directly on the spot. Organize a wedding to make this stay a Catalan weekend between family and friends!

However, the task was not easy, far from it! You should know that in Spain, most venues will impose you or try to impose a part of their services, we can say that it is cultural! 😉 So you will have to be very picky in your search for places if you want to get married in Spain. Feel free to claim the contract and read it in very carefully.

With Sandra and Robin, we had to arrange two road trips before we found THEIR venue. A superb Catalan masia that can accommodate about forty people (just that!) in rooms, suites, lofts,… With a vastly large green space and a nice swimming pool!

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How to manage a wedding destination in Spain…

For our lovers, it was unthinkable not to be accompanied for the planning of their wedding in Spain. Of course, like all couples, they wanted to save time but to plan their wedding in another country seemed to them far too complicated to not to have the help of a professional and… Tadam! They chose DVV events, we thank them again today!

After having organized our road-trips to choose their place of reception, they validated their menu and selected all their providers. At the end, we had:

– A team of decorators and florists: A florist took care of the bouquet of the bride, the accessories of the bridesmaids and the buttonhole for example
– A provider for the installation of sound and light as well as a Flamenco Fusion-type music group for the ceremony and the cocktail
– A photo booth for the cocktail
– A photographer
– A truck of sweet and savoury crêpes for Saturday lunchtime, a churros truck for the dance party snack

In addition to a website that I have created myself so that their guests can have all the information about their wedding but they were also able to answer to the RSVP online.

The big day…

Getting married in Spain-Sandra and Robin 4
@J-C Roy

You will surely wonder how the day went… Better than words, images will tell you about their wedding. We had the chance to plan a wedding in late September with a splendid weather! The sun and the warmth were there which allowed the guests to enjoy their stay, the swimming pool but also the beach which was just 10 minutes by car…

What about your wedding in Spain?

If you want to plan your wedding in Spain as Sandra & Robin, I will be thrilled to help you! Don’t hesitate to contact me!

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