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Like Solenne and Ludovic, you are surely in full search of your wedding venue for your destination wedding. So you are faced with several problems: distance, lack of knowledge of places on the spot,… That’s why Solenne and Ludovic came to me to help them on their search for a wedding venue, because Yes! I can help you only on your search for reception venue or even other providers if you want.

Getting married abroad: searching your place of reception

Looking for your wedding venue may be the starting point of your wedding planning. Indeed, the place where your wedding will take place determines all your providers but can also have an impact on your schedule as for example the ceremony. If you have chosen to plan a symbolic ceremony your place of reception could also be your place of ceremony.

If you want to get married abroad (#destinationwedding!), the task will still be a more complicated. Yes, because finding the perfect reception place by being thousands of kilometers can be complicated. It will be necessary to know how the providers of the chosen country operate and how the contracts work on the spot. Indeed, each country has its peculiarities and customs in terms of marriage. This is why we advise you to take a specialized wedding planner in the country in question. Not because we also propose to help you but simply because we were able to see desperate couples with the idea of having many choices without knowing where to go, towards who to go according to their wedding project.

Getting married abroad is an amazing experience and a magical moment for your guests and especially you. However, being helped in this planning will be of great help…

DVV Events helps you in the search

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Solenne and Ludovic were in this case… They were facing different places with whom they had already had contact but how to choose the perfect place? How can we be sure that this will be the best place to receive their guests according to their needs?

As getting married abroad requires special expertise, Solenne and Ludovic contacted me in order to help them in their search for a wedding venue. They needed to have proposals in addition to their first research that they had shared with me.

I have therefore, according to their criteria, prepared a list of places totally corresponding to their project and their budget. The couple was conquered by many places and I prepared them a day of visits.

Although it was possible that I accompany them, Solenne and Ludovic did not prefer not to take this option and the visits went very well… So much, that they found their rare gem, perfect for their wedding in Spain!

Today we are preparing together the signature of the contract and details with the place of reception and perhaps more so affinities! 😉

How to contact me?

If you also are looking for help for your wedding in Spain or abroad, feel free to contact me by following this link. I will be delighted to answer you and help you as soon as possible!

See you soon!

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