Spain is one of the most requested countries for a “destination wedding”. Getting married in Spain is an incredible adventure to share with your guests… If you spent a few days in this beautiful country, you will have realized that local life is cheaper. However, what about a wedding?

Getting married in Spain…

Getting married in Spain is almost an institution! You are warned;-) A whole business has been created around weddings and providers are specialized and highly requested. The number of weddings in Spain is about 165,000, all types of marriages are organized there: from secular to religious.

The main providers of your wedding in Spain

Spain is a country whose daily life is considered cheaper than in France. So you’d think that planning a wedding there might be cheaper… However, this idea turns out to be inaccurate.

Indeed, planning a wedding in Spain may require a greater financial effort than for a wedding in France equal set. That’s why your wedding planning in Spain must be primarily a personal choice for the country and culture rather than a financial choice.

You should know that the reception venues are very demanded and can ask you conditions such as alcohols/wines but also and above all the obligation to take one or more of their providers.

If you want to choose all your providers with the liberty to choose whoever you want , don’t hesitate to ask at the beginning of the contact if their providers are mandatory. The budget of a reception venue in Spain will depend on its standing, its location,… but you can count between 4,000 and 7,000 euros for a beautiful villa with all the necessary comforts to welcome your wedding and your guests on site.

As for the caterer, again, it is often associated with the reception place. It is often a commercial partnership with a caterer or a list of caterers. For a full menu, you can count between 150 and 200 euros per guest. In Spain, open bar service during the dance party is commonplace. You pay an amount per person for 2 or 3 hours – called “the open bar.” It is also often imposed by the place.

Another provider that we will highlight in this article is the decoration part. This is the service that will surely require most of your time to find the right provider and then to find ideas and final scenography. In Spain, decorators are in high demand and therefore allow themselves to practice higher prices than in France. For example, for a first bouquet price, you can count between 100 and 150 euros. It is also possible to go through city florists if you don’t need a precise set design.

One of the most important things to remember is that Spanish providers speak mainly in duty-free prices and not in ttc prices. You must be very vigilant when making contacts and requesting quotes to ask for prices all taxes included.

Your wedding planner: an essential ally

Organizing a wedding abroad can be complicated simply because you are not there to visit and meet the providers at your convenience.

We can’t say it enough: asking a competent wedding planner for help will be an incredible asset. Preferably, choose a provider who is specialized in the country where you want to get married. He will be better able to know the market!

At DVV Events, our destination country wedding is Spain (in addition to France for our foreign clients of course!). I’ll be happy to be able to help you so feel free to contact me via my contact page!

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